June 2, 2009

Ubuntu 8.10 instructions updated

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9.04 comes with grid installed, but if you have an older distro this is how to install:



  1. One feature I would love to see is the ability to move a window between monitors using ctrl+alt+left arrow/right arrow, like Winsplit added in version 1.8.

    I know grid is feature complete, but this would be a killer feature for us using multiple monitors…

    Comment by matthewsteele — March 8, 2010 @ 11:11 pm |Reply

    • Compiz already has a plugin to move windows between workspaces, just use that instead. No need to reinvent the wheel in grid.

      Comment by suasol — March 23, 2010 @ 12:02 am |Reply

  2. There was some talk in that there might be KP5 cycle to return window to its original size – That sure would be cool.
    However, I seem to wish KP5 cycle would have the option to make the window 66% and centered. That’s Mac-like behavior. For example, it’s rarely necessary to make the browser totally full screen (especially in 30″ monitor) and so it’s very elegant when you’ve some background showing on the sides of the 66% centered browser window. (At the moment we only have choice of 100% centered window and a 33% centered window)

    Just a thought.

    Comment by Manu Järvinen — April 3, 2010 @ 10:31 am |Reply

    • Interesting. We don’t have a 66% centered option because it doesn’t tile with any of the other combinations.

      Personally I generally use 66% to one side, though it’s pretty easy to hack if you want to try 66% centered.

      Comment by suasol — May 26, 2010 @ 7:25 pm |Reply

  3. I don’t know where to address bug reports, but

    Using Compiz Grid makes the Docky application to act weirdly when there is not any window open in the desktop. Otherwise the windows resize nicely and Docky works.

    The weirdly acting is hard to describe. The Docky still works, but all the empty space on the sides of the Docky seems to have crazy visual glitches. Also the Docky begins not to work after a while. Killing the Docky process and restarting it won’t work either. You have to reboot to get it to work again nicely.

    At first I thought it was a bug of Docky, but its maker Robert Dyer says it is more related to Grid plugin.
    He says:
    “If you have no windows open, you *technically* have given focus to a Nautilus window that draws your desktop. If you then call grid it will try to resize the desktop window. Thus, you will see weird drawing glitches where there is literally *no* window (not even your desktop).”

    I use Gnome-Do also for launching applications

    Ubuntu 10.04 beta 64-bit
    Compiz 0.8.4
    Gnome 2.30
    NVidia GeForce 8800

    Thank you

    Comment by Manu Järvinen — April 5, 2010 @ 1:54 pm |Reply

  4. There seems to be a problem with Compiz Grid and Docky (

    When you have Docky running and you accidentally happen to have desktop clicked as the active ‘window’ instead of other windows and then press any of the compiz grid shortcuts (this happens a lot for me) – then the Docky gets all messed up.

    I contacted the maker of Docky and he said Docky can’t fix this problem – it’s in Grid code

    Is it any way possible to get this problem fixed?

    Grid is a wonderful feature nevertheless 🙂

    Comment by Manu Järvinen — May 8, 2010 @ 3:18 pm |Reply

    • Hi, bad news – I haven’t updated grid in ages. But also good news – it’s now an official compiz plugin!
      Your best bet is to file a bug with the compiz project.

      Comment by suasol — May 26, 2010 @ 7:27 pm |Reply

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