October 31, 2008

Grid wiki now open

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So far I’m just using it to keep track of interesting feature ideas.


October 20, 2008

Beware of future creep

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Nice article which puts a name to the way your junior programmers try to justify their 11 callbacks, all methods virtual and factory singletons when all you need is a single C function with the right parameters.
It’s certainly a grey area, but it’s the mark of a seasoned programmer that they can make the correct call.

Personally, I see a dividing line between public api (the api which covers 85% of customer needs) and the “implementation” api which is notionally public but actually very few people use.

I can tolerate a little baggage in the public api if it becomes more robust to future refactorings (especially a class of refactorings, not just a single one). There’s no place for cruft in your implementation api however because that usually contains the difficult stuff and the interfaces reflect to a much greater extent the underlying implementation which may be changed any time.

October 6, 2008

New grid release adds “middle resizing” & xinerama support

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Keys 2,5,8 now resize to the middle third on the second press. Thus it’s now really easy to create a 3×2 grid.

I now consider grid to be feature complete. The only things left are polish – respecting window minimum size hint and window size increment (for terminals). Animation would might be a nice option if somebody would like to submit a patch.

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