June 28, 2008

New tiling plugin for compiz-fusion – grid

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When, like all rockstar developers, you have an enormous flatscreen monitor bigger than your TV at home gracing your desk, it’s fair to say you no longer want to maximize your windows all the time.

The larger the monitor you have, the more time you spend tediously moving and resizing. Until winsplit revolution that is ( It’s really intuitive, small and fast. Also it has the hallmark of really good utilities. That is, when you use another machine without it, you want to stab your eyes out with paperclips at the sheer frustration of it all.

Winsplit screenshot

I liked it so much, I’ve written a version for Linux. A plugin for compiz-fusion specifically. Get it from:

git clone git://

You’ll need a boatload of dependencies to make it compile. If you’re on a debian-ish system you’ll want to apt-get build-dep compiz-fusion-plugins


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